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Elements EP

Posted on | November 22, 2018 | No Comments

After 13 years col­lect­ing vir­tu­al dust on my hard dri­ve, I’m grate­ful to be releas­ing this EP for free on Band­camp. Please down­load, share, and let me know what you think!

Night EP

Posted on | April 6, 2014 | No Comments


Out now on Beat­port via Har­mo­nious Dis­cord Record­ings, fea­tur­ing remix­es by Evan Marc (aka Bluetech) and Patchen Pre­ston. Art­work by ellisett.

1) Aeo­lian Intro
2) C5
3) C5 (Patchen’s Yel­low Fever Mix)
4) Night Groove (Orig­i­nal Mix)
5) Night Groove (Bluetech Remix)
6) D13
7) Talk Is Cheap

Wake Up Tech EP

Posted on | September 12, 2010 | No Comments

Out now on Beat­port,  Wake Up Tech fea­tures three orig­i­nal tracks and two dance­floor-friend­ly remix­es by Point­ben­der (Sean Ander­son) and Gift Cul­ture (Michael Hale). This EP was released under my tech-house alias ‘Chaka­har­ta’.

  1. Alem­bé
  2. Super­bro­ken
  3. Super­bro­ken (Point­ben­der’s Super­ben­der Mix)
  4. Super­bro­ken (Gift Cul­ture’s Psytech Mix)
  5. Jaz­zstab

Album art­work by Jamie Cameron Northrup.

Avail­able for Down­load on Beat­port.  Please pass the word if you like it, and thanks for your support!

Early Reviews:

Nick War­ren - “Excel­lent” [Hope Recordings)
Noah Pred
– “thanks for send­ing!  point­ben­der mix works best for me but the gift cul­ture mix has a nice groove too” [Thought­less Music]
Josh Collins
– “real­ly like those tracks, nice work!” [Human Life/NRK]
— “Very chunky!” [Freerange / NRK / Slip & Slide]
Soul Minor­i­ty
– “Alem­be is Superb !! Will sup­port Oth­er tracks are a bit too techy for me, but Alem­be in 10/10 !!! Thanks !” [Kolour / Pack Up And Dance / Stratospherik]

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The Plant

Posted on | July 10, 2008 | No Comments

Tech-house mini-album The Plant is out on Har­mo­nious Dis­cord.

Spar­rowl­izm (Pre­view)

Check out the full release at any of these fine locations:

Pacific Beats

Posted on | January 22, 2008 | No Comments

hd09scaled1My moody / funky/ drum-heavy track Pacif­ic Beats appears on this love­ly sam­pler album put togeth­er by Har­mo­nious Dis­cord Record­ings.

Head on over to the HD site for sam­ples of all the fan­tas­tic cuts on this release, or pick up a copy at Beat­port.

Cactus Girl

Posted on | April 13, 2007 | No Comments

hd051This four-cut release fea­tures an in-depth vocal ride through abstrac­tions and moods with a bass-heavy elec­tro rework by Philidel­phia-based glitch head Kilo­Watts.

The B side throws some funk into the well with a dance­floor rework by Cal­i­for­nia sound-nut Rith­ma (OM, Tweekin). Dis­tant bells and jackin chords makes this remix an instant body mover. Chaka­har­ta rounds out the EP with a deep and min­i­mal “Funky Dub”.

Sam­ples are up at Har­mo­nious Dis­cord Record­ings, or head over to Beat­port to pick up the EP.

Nuco Daze

Posted on | March 3, 2007 | No Comments

I’m final­ly post­ing an album of tunes I wrote while part of the NUCO down­tem­po improv col­lec­tive back in 2001–2003.  It’s avail­able for free on Band­camp.  Let me know if you like it, and please share with your friends.

A Warm Focus EP

Posted on | March 30, 2004 | 2 Comments

R-267532-1167739177 Released back in 2004 on Fair Park Record­ings, this was a tag-team with Grey, who con­tributed the A‑sides Aqua Agogo (fea­tur­ing Suza Kan­non) and Doma.

Hit The Nuco is a remix of my old­er track Hit The Rhodes off my Echopro­ject release, fea­tur­ing fel­low NUCO mem­bers Stephanie Ivey (vocals), Frank Topp (effects and turntab­lism), and Clay Rop­er (saxa­phone).

L9house was writ­ten ear­ly one morn­ing in Rea­son while wait­ing to sober up over at Tom­my Scott and Clay’s place.

This release was my first on vinyl, and had a lim­it­ed run of around 2000. I actu­al­ly had to go down to Ill­mat­ic Records and buy a few copies in order to get my hands on this.


Posted on | August 17, 2001 | 3 Comments

Today I’m re-releas­ing my first solo album “Echopro­ject”, from way back in the days of 2000–2001. “Echopro­ject” is a mul­ti-faceted col­lec­tion of elec­tron­ic tunes, mean­der­ing from ambi­ent chill-out, to wob­bly breaks & bass, to loungey four-on-the-floor house.

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