... purveyor of funky beats and assorted electric treats ...


I’ve stum­bled upon a hec­tic array of diverse sounds and grooves over the years. I’m still aim­ing for deep­er lay­ers of sound design, rhythm, and son­ic brain mas­sage – so stay tuned in the future.

Please enjoy my past releas­es, take a look around the labs for notes on music pro­duc­tion, leave a com­ment if you like, and spread the word to like-mind­ed friends.


I grew up play­ing piano until about the age of 9, DJ’d house and trance through­out the 90s and ear­ly 2000s, and picked up West African drum­ming along the way.  Pro­duc­tion has slow­ly crept up on me as a way of shar­ing my pas­sion for elec­tron­ic music, and fus­ing the var­i­ous musi­cal veins I’ve fall­en in love with over the years.

Past projects include work­ing with Texas down­te­mo improv col­lec­tive “Nuco”, tra­di­tion­al West African Djem­be and Djun-Djun as part of the Malian drum ensem­ble “Fato”, techo-house releas­es under the guise of “Chaka­har­ta”, tech­no tracks with Har­mo­nious Dis­cord label head Sean Ander­son as part of “The Immac­u­late Bach­e­lors”, and var­i­ous ambi­ent dub tracks with Clay Rop­er and Jamie Cameron Northrup as “Pag­ing Ms. Toit”.


  • jdn – Echopro­ject [Band­camp] 2001
  • 3 house (with John Walk­er and Clay Rop­er) – X-ray Cat [Shaolin Tech] 2002
  • Grey and Chaka­har­ta – Warm Focus EP [Fair Park] 2003
  • jdn – Nuco Daze [Band­camp] 2007
  • Chaka­har­ta – Cac­tus Girl [Har­mo­nious Dis­cord]  2007
  • Chaka­har­ta – Pacif­ic Beats – Dis­cor­dian Dream­ing EP [Har­mo­nious Dis­cord] 2008
  • Chaka­har­ta – The Plant [Har­mo­nious Dis­cord] 2008
  • Chaka­har­ta – Wake Up Tech EP [Har­mo­nious Dis­cord] 2010


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