… purveyor of funky beats and assorted electric treats …


I’ve stumbled upon a hectic array of diverse sounds and grooves over the years. I’m still aiming for deeper layers of sound design, rhythm, and sonic brain massage – so stay tuned in the future.

Please enjoy my past releases, take a look around the labs for notes on music production, leave a comment if you like, and spread the word to like-minded friends.


I grew up playing piano until about the age of 9, DJ’d house and trance throughout the 90s and early 2000s, and picked up West African drumming along the way.  Production has slowly crept up on me as a way of sharing my passion for electronic music, and fusing the various musical veins I’ve fallen in love with over the years.

Past projects include working with Texas downtemo improv collective “Nuco”, traditional West African Djembe and Djun-Djun as part of the Malian drum ensemble “Fato”, techo-house releases under the guise of “Chakaharta”, techno tracks with Harmonious Discord label head Sean Anderson as part of “The Immaculate Bachelors”, and various ambient dub tracks with Clay Roper and Jamie Cameron Northrup as “Paging Ms. Toit”.


  • jdn – Echoproject [Bandcamp] 2001
  • 3 house (with John Walker and Clay Roper) – X-ray Cat [Shaolin Tech] 2002
  • Grey and Chakaharta – Warm Focus EP [Fair Park] 2003
  • jdn – Nuco Daze [Bandcamp] 2007
  • Chakaharta – Cactus Girl [Harmonious Discord]  2007
  • Chakaharta – Pacific Beats – Discordian Dreaming EP [Harmonious Discord] 2008
  • Chakaharta – The Plant [Harmonious Discord] 2008
  • Chakaharta – Wake Up Tech EP [Harmonious Discord] 2010


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