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Ouroboros – Shared System Series

I got a modular piece accepted on the Make Noise Records “Shared System Series” compilation today! The series is intended to showcase artists using the MakeNoise SharedSystem rig to make a live composition, with no overdubs and no external effects (except an optional reverb). Here’s my piece: Here’s the patch: http://www.modulargrid.net/e/patches/view/9225 And check out the […]

FX Halos in Ableton Live

This is a very simple trick to do, but not so obvious to figure out that it’s even possible.  The idea is to sidechain compress the processing on a Return bus by its own input signal, in order to clear out some “empty” space around the dry signal. It’s like making a “breathing fx bus”. […]

Machinedrum Recursive Sampling Test 02

So this is another example of using the MD’s internal sampler to create a recursive “feedback loop” of sampling and resampling and resampling…. This has a tendency of psychedelically twisting the underlying beat.  The way this stuff sounds has really surpassed my wildest dreams. MD Recurse Test 02

The Plant

Tech-house mini-album The Plant is out on Harmonious Discord. Sparrowlizm (Preview) Check out the full release at any of these fine locations: iTunes Beatport Amazon eMusic