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FX Halos in Ableton Live

This is a very simple trick to do, but not so obvious to figure out that it’s even possible.  The idea is to sidechain compress the processing on a Return bus by its own input signal, in order to clear out some “empty” space around the dry signal. It’s like making a “breathing fx bus”. […]

Alien Autopsy Via Sample-Rate Reduction

Here’s a cool sound-design trick. If you want to get a vocal-sounding ‘formant filter’ effect out of a synth that only has a normal lowpass filter, you can take advantage of a quirk of sample-rate reduction effects to generate multiple “mirrored” filter sweeps through the wonder of aliasing. Here’s a sound clip from my machinedrum […]

Cool Tricks For Better Mixes

I recently slugged through mixdown on my track Super Broken and found the following 5 tips invaluable: 1. Mono Is Awesome I’ve heard this one a million times, but never actually tried it. This article does a great job describing the hows and whys: The Secret Benefits To Mixing In Mono. Among other great insights — […]