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Ouroboros – Shared System Series

I got a modular piece accepted on the Make Noise Records “Shared System Series” compilation today! The series is intended to showcase artists using the MakeNoise SharedSystem rig to make a live composition, with no overdubs and no external effects (except an optional reverb). Here’s my piece: Here’s the patch: http://www.modulargrid.net/e/patches/view/9225 And check out the […]

Wogglebug + DPO as White Noise Source

So I recently got a MakeNoise SharedSystem modular rig, and one thing missing from it was an apparent lack of the ability to make… noise. White noise. However, by pushing the Wogglebug and the DPO’s internal modulation routing to the extreme, you can get some decent-sounding white noise. Basically, you turn most of the knobs […]