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Ouroboros — Shared System Series

I got a mod­u­lar piece accepted on the Make Noise Records “Shared Sys­tem Series” com­pi­la­tion today! The series is intended to show­case artists using the MakeNoise SharedSys­tem rig to make a live com­po­si­tion, with no over­dubs and no exter­nal effects (except an optional reverb). Here’s my piece: Here’s the patch: http://www.modulargrid.net/e/patches/view/9225 And check out the whole playlist […]

Wogglebug + DPO as White Noise Source

So I recently got a MakeNoise SharedSys­tem mod­u­lar rig, and one thing miss­ing from it was an appar­ent lack of the abil­ity to make… noise. White noise. How­ever, by push­ing the Wog­gle­bug and the DPO’s inter­nal mod­u­la­tion rout­ing to the extreme, you can get some decent-sounding white noise. Basi­cally, you turn most of the knobs on […]